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Industry Trusted Therapeutic Training
Taylor'd Paramedical was founded to provide current and aspiring therapists with access to reliable & advanced therapeutic training, support networks and mentoring. All training courses are Taylor'd  to the individual needs of your clinic, business model and team members. Taylor'd also provides access to online learning materials, practical demonstrations, networks and ongoing support. Most training courses have flexible learning options including online / distance education, face-to-face, in-clinic and mixed delivery options. 

We provide advanced training in a range of natural & paramedical treatment methods, clinical approaches and client management including; Endermologie, Massage, Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Applications, Skin Correctives and Management of Stress, Pain & Lifestyle.​ We also provide learners with a framework for correct client consultation, physcial assessment and working with various medical conditions. 

Face to Face

Online Learning & Distance Education

Face to Face learning is the most popular for therapeutic training, given the practical skills requirements. However, most learners feel they benefit from having access to online learning materials prior to attending courses and ongoing support and/or mentoring.
Face to Face learning can take place in your own clinic.
Online Learning & Distance Education are also available for our training courses. Theoretical components and practical demonstrations are provided through the online learning platform. Practical assessments are carried out via Skype, Phone or Video submissions. Alternatively, a trainer can attend your clinic to complete practical assessments and sign off, after online course completion. 
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Our Philosophy
  1. Inspire
    For Learners: Inspire to take a personal interest in their education and show them the results that they are capable of achieving for themselves & their clients. For Clients: Get inspired to commit to their treatment program, believe in themselves & their therapist, better themselves and then refer others. For Clinics: Excellent Results = Excellent Testimonials & Raving Fans
  2. Treat
    For Learners: Fully understand the treatment process and experience, from start to finish. This includes both a therapist's perspective and a client's. The ability to explain how the treatment is working in both simple and complex terms, to clients during a session. For Clients: Access to viable options and the best quality of treatment that is reliable, effective, enjoyable & safe. For Clinics: Excellent Treatment= Excellent Results
  3. Educate
    For Learners: Utilize the best consultation & assessment skills, treatment approaches & techniques and understand how to put together a complete client management plan for the absolute best results. For Clients: Educate the client on what is going on with their body, how your treatment is working for them and what they can do themselves to get the most out of each treatment and their lifestyle. For Clinics: Excellent Education = Excellent Treatment
Unleash your Potential
Better education means better assessment, treatment & results for your clients
Don't just treat your clients, educate and inspire them. Learn how to make your treatment enjoyable and educational.
When you are able to educate your client about the causes of their concerns and explain to them how your treatment is working, you will
create rapport, inspire them to work with you, commit to their treatment plan and you'll both reap the rewards.
Ignite the raving fans within your team and your clients.