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Our Trainers

Sharni Taylor

Helen Gerasimou

Shelton Bailey

Sharni Taylor is the founder of Taylor'd Paramedical, a Natural & Paramedical Therapist and the main trainer for Australian based learners. She has presented at industry expos. Sharni specialises in treatment for
Skin, Muscle & Connective Tissue disorders such as Chronic Pain, Back Pain and Frozen Shoulder.
Helen Gerasimou is a skin specialist, she owns and practices in a skin corrective clinic called 'Heavenly Retreat' where she has won every award she has been nominated for!
Her excellent track record makes her the perfect therapist and mentor.
She's even authored her own book called 'Red Carpet Experience'.
Shelton Bailey is one of the most renowned and dynamic international Endermologie practitioners and trainers. He has a very successful background in Remedial Massage Therapy, Mental Health and specialization in Neuromuscular Therapy. Shelton contributes to our Endermologie curriculum & assessing.
Our Courses

Aesthetic Endermologie

Paramedical Endermologie

2-3 Days Face to Face, Online Delivery Coming Soon

Coming Soon

This course encompasses the anatomy & physiology, principles and science behind Endermologie. Learners develop client consultation & assessment methods and the practical skills and techniques to work with common Aesthetic concerns such as cellulite, fat reduction, loose skin, fluid retention and facial rejuvenation etc.
This course builds off the concepts developed in the Aesthetic Endermologie course and looks at the physiological aspects of medical conditions and how Endermologie can be used to treat and/or manage them effectively. Including Back Pain, Bulging/Herniated Discs, Frozen Shoulder, Fibrosis, & Scoliosis etc.

Skin Correctives

The Red Carpet Experience

2 Days Face to Face, Online Delivery Coming Soon

Available in Print, Online Delivery Coming Soon

This course is designed to give learners a thorough understanding of the structure, mechanisms and finctions of the skin - the largest organ of our body. The course draws connections between the symptoms present on the skin and the causing factors then to possible corrective actions. Including Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea.
This course looks at every aspect within your client that contributes to your overall client experience... and ultimately your success. From clinic presentation and procedures through to staff education and treatment delivery, this course provides clear directions on how to become the number one and generate absolute raving fans.

Stress & Lifestyle Management

Anatomy & Physiology Refresh

Half Day Face to Face, Online Delivery Coming Soon

Half-Full Day Face to Face, Online Delivery Coming Soon

This is the course that looks at why your client is presenting with their current concerns and why certain treatments may not work for everyone. The lifestyle factors of Stress, Nutrition, Exercise & Toxicity are explored here as the most common causes of your clients concerns and often are the key to successful treatment.
As therapists, our understanding of anatomy and physiology is crucial to the success of our client assessments and treatment plans. A therapist should be able to identify the structures and potential causes contributing to our client's concerns, as well as explain how our treatments, lotions and potions work to correct them.
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Better education means better assessment, treatment & results for your clients

Don't just treat your clients, educate and inspire them. Learn how to make your treatment enjoyable and educational.
When you are able to educate your client about the causes of their concerns and explain to them how your treatment is working, you will
create rapport, inspire them to work with you, commit to their treatment plan and you'll both reap the rewards.
Ignite the raving fans within your team and your clients.